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Time Trial Handlebar Grips

Seeking a considered ergonomic grip solution for your extensions and base bar? Our time trial grips are a hard wearing tactile solution, providing a clean finish for your time trial handlebar contact points.

Soft touch

Brushed and debossed HD foam, in a 2.5 mm thickness that perfectly complements a comfortable hold, across the range of cycling and triathlon conditions.

Complete package

Each set of Time Trial Grips are supplied with two 70 mm grips for the extensions and two 90 mm grips for the base bar, readily trimmable to your preferred length.

Why we created Time Trial Grips

Have you ever gotten to the final stages of that time trial build and wondered how to finish the base bar or extensions cleanly? Are you sick of wrapping adhesive-backed tape on those contact points, only for it to work loose after a handful of rides?

These are precisely the reasons we developed this product. Thick enough to offer relief from road vibration but firm enough to last the distance, our brushed 2.5 mm grips are the perfect finishing solution, offering a tactile advantage even with sweaty hands.