Training & Coaching

Individual support. With structure.

We support you in the planning and strategic execution of the optimal training for peak performance. We take into account the particular circumstances of the individual, planning everything down to the smallest detail or with some flexibility – all on a case-by-case basis.

Service A (60min)

Training Guidance

Structured training breeds success. The perfect service for those seeking guidance in their training while retaining maximum flexibility. We answer all your questions on What, When and How Much and create an individualized template that serves as a guide for your training.

Service B (Month)

1:1 Coaching

We work hand-in-hand (min. 12 weeks) with you every step of the way so you can reach your goals efficiently. You are at the center of this process, we take all your preferences and challenges into consideration. This close collaboration enables us to develop a truly effective training plan for you including a performance test every 3 months.

Service C (Month)

Diagnose Flat Rate

The all-inclusive package (min. 6 months)! We’ll do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals, without regard for the cost or effort involved. You receive in-depth coaching and unlimited access to all of our services (performance diagnostics, bike fit, nutrition counseling) at our highest level of personal service.

A customized training plan for you.

Our core advantage is individualization. In our coaching we adapt 100% to you and your circumstances, since even the most advanced training plan will not lead to success if it isn’t tailored to you. Close personal contact is essential for our approach, so none of our service packages feature any limitations on contact frequency.

We plan the seemingly unplannable.

Your life may take unforeseen twists. Over the course of your long-term development, your weekly training plan gets updated constantly. We revise on a daily basis, adjusting and tweaking when necessary, and, above all, constantly discuss past achievements and future goals.

No trial and error, no baseless assumptions.

Our training methods are based on scientific facts gained from our performance diagnostics research and the practical experience we’ve gathered over the years. We provide individualized training advice and apply it with advanced methodology.

Full range of advanced equipment at your disposal.

If necessary, we’ll equip you with analytical hardware, e.g. a power meter, heart rate monitor or Wahoo cycling computer to make sure your training is as efficient as can be. We use TrainingPeaks, as well as additional software tools, for example one which measures heart rate variability to provide a real-time indication of your load state in critical phases.

Not sure how much coaching you need?

No problem! We’ll gladly advise you. Get in touch with us directly. That way we get to know your specific needs and together we can develop the best approach to meet your individual goals.


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