Knowing what moves you forward

Most people pursue generalised approaches to achieve their goals. But every person is different and finding out your individualised needs is the first step to an effective solution!


We analyze your specific strengths and weaknesses.


We explain what it really takes to reach your goals.


We plan or implement your personally optimized strategy.

Our Philosophy

Helping people to help themselves! Great successes takes time and effort. We believe honestly reflecting on our own possibilities and being able to set suitable expectations is the first step to success. We believe the greatest potential lies in understanding what you are doing and focusing on the most effective steps!

About us

Raphael Jung

Conception & Founder

Raphael is a trained sports scientist and the founder of Diagnose Berlin. In the years prior he was active in sport science and metabolic research. In addition to various student projects in neurology and biomechanics, he led his own research project on skeletal-muscle cells and their adaptive responses to various training stimuli. During this time he completed internships at the finest performance diagnostics institutions in Germany. Often disappointed by the lack of depth in planning and implementing performance tests, he went on to meticulously develop the services now offered at Diagnose Berlin.

Adi Kühne


Adi is a fully passionate cyclist and reflected scientist, who has spent years self-taught with the biomechanics of cycling like no other. We were allowed to fine-tune this experience with our know-how and have thus trained one of the best bikefitters.

Stefan Franke


Simon Wendtland

Coaching / Diagnostics

Simon is our youngster, a passionate sports scientist and talented triathlete himself.

Christoph Jachens

Coaching / Diagnostics

Christoph is our real multi-talent. He studied sports science, is a passionate amateur triathlete himself and also a personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness economist.

Maxie Rathmann


Maxie is a trained sports scientist and an active competitive cyclist. With her theoretical background and practical experience, she perfectly transfers the insights gained from of our performance testing into practical training advice.

Paul Voss


Paul doesn't really need an further introduction. Having raced at the world's highest level in professional cycling, he is surely equipped with a extraordinary practical expertise. In combination with our theoretical approach, he is the perfect coach for our ambitious clients.

We work holistically

We don’t tell half-truths and make no false promises. In order to guarantee our clients a complete and holistic experience, we work hand-in-hand with a range of experts from many different fields.



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