Virtual Performance Diagnostics

We show you how efficient training works.

Our virtual performance diagnostics delivers fundamental understanding for a targeted and effective training. You test yourself at home, we focus on analyzing your data and address your physiological strengths and weaknesses with you.

Virtual test at home

DIY Bike Performance Test

✅ Test yourself at home!
✅ Defines your training zones
✅ Determinist your FTP
✅ Modeled VO2max
✅ Modeled VLamax
✅ Simulated fat metabolism
✅ Simulated carbohydrate combustion
✅ 30min Online Explanation & Consulting

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Virtual test at home

DIY Bike Performance Test

Powered by ProAthletes

We examine performance data from a series of tests you ride at home on your smart trainer and model your physiological profile using Pro Athletes' algorithms.

Step 1: You first schedule your evaluation meeting after the tests. If you want to / can start directly with the tests, then choose a date in about a week. If you want to run the tests later, plan more time accordingly.

Step 2: You will then receive all the necessary documents for the tests by mail. The tests must be examined on a indoor smart trainer with an erg mode! Then you send us your data and we evaluate!

Step 3: With the scheduled 30-minute evaluation meeting via Zoom, you will receive your report as a pdf file.

Powered by ProAthletes

We work with individuals. At the highest level. This approach is unique and so are our methods. We are in continual scientific exchange to develop our performance diagnostics, and always provide the most modern services. That's why we chose to go with the highest of standards in performance testing protocols and that's currently to be found at ProAthletes!

We don’t just give numbers. We advise.

What use are values that are not understood? In every appointment, our greatest endeavor is to convey the knowledge gained in an applicable way. For us, the core of a performance diagnostic examination has always been the communication of training-relevant, applicable information, not the delivery of numbers.

Power to the people!

We believe that performance diagnostics is an extremely important and powerful tool to help people towards more meaningful training and better decisions. Unfortunately, complex measurement procedures, expensive analytical lab equipment and time-consuming appointments often stand in the way, ultimately making the service inaccessible to many. We think, virtual testing is the start of a new era.... be there.

First, schedule your online 30min evaluation interview and start the virtual testing with it.

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Take a closer look at how testing works in the video from Pro Athletes.

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