Bike sizing consultation

Bike Sizing – independent buying advice for your new bike!

We help you find the ideal bike model and the correct frame size. For more security when buying a new road, gravel or time trial bike!

Pre-Fit (1h)

Bike-sizing purchase advice

✅ The advice before buying a bike
✅ Determine appropriate bike model
✅ Determine ideal bike size
✅ Define an approximate starting position
❌ No detailed position fitting

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Pre-Fit (1h)

Bike-sizing purchase advice

In our Bike-sizing purchase consultation, we determine a suitable bike for you (model & frame size) based on your body anatomy, your flexibility and your desired use. We quickly define an initial position that we then test with you on the sizing bike. With your feedback, we refine this position and finally discuss how well this would be applied to one of your desired bikes. With our subsequent Bikefit Basic, we can then adjust and fine-tune the position perfectly on your new bike.

Avoid a dud buy!

With our software-based workflow, we make sure that you choose the right frame size from the beginning. We can compare frame geometries of over 200,000 bikes and identify the ideal frame size and model, specific to your body!

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More precise than height-based estimates

In our bike sizing consultation, we measure your body anatomy precisely using our measurement technology. Based on the isolated measurement of your leg, torso and arm length, as well as shoulder width and body height, we can very quickly pre-estimate a suitable bike for you.

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Test every imaginable bike in seconds

For us, your comfort and feeling on the bike are at the centre of our entire process. Taking into account your mobility, we define a position profile, which we test directly with you on our sizing bike, then tailor in several phases to your preferences.

Test-riding made easy

We even determine your perfect crank length

The length of the crank is often overlooked when determining the perfect bike size. All bodies are unique, and determining the correct crank length can make or break your riding enjoyment. We determine your perfect crank length based on our measurement!

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