Frequently asked questions

How does your metabolic analysis work?

During physical work, our body, especially or moving muscles have a higher need of energy. This energy can be “produced” within our cells by metabolizing certain fuels like carbohydrates and/or fatty acids. This biochemical process relies on the presence of oxygen, which is transported to the cells and used for processing the fuels. As a result, energy and CO2 is generated. Depending on the rate and kind of fuel used, the proportion of O2 and CO2 shifts. Thus we are able to measure the specific metabolic activity in your body during certain exercise intensities or at rest.


I’ve heard about the common lactate threshold test… is this what you do?

Not really. The lactate threshold test is just one out of many methods to determine the anaerobic threshold. It’s scientifically proven that this procedure where only one blood sample is taken from the earlobe every couple of minutes is not very reliable. The reason why so many coaches and diagnostic institutes are using lactate samples to measure performance is simply because its very cheap to get and easy to use.

In order to get more valid data we always use spirometrical analysis within our performance tests. We do use lactate as a marker for anaerobic metabolism but mostly in short sprint tests in order to measure anaerobic capacity (lactate production after the sprint).


What’s the price of your service?

This very much depends on what you want (or what you need). From the very beginning, our goal was to make this service available to everyone. In order to do so, we offer more or less complex methods which allow us to present our scientific knowledge with a higher or reduced workload. Some parameters can be measured in one single combined session, others have to be assessed separately. We always set up our service individually and explain you what’s possible and what are the options. Together, we then decide what would be the best possible service for you, which sometimes is a very simple test (50-130€) or a multiple visit highly scientific test combo (up to 280€).


Ok, I got it. I know what you’re doing but how would I benefit from this?

With a metabolic performance testing we get detailed information about your metabolism during exercise or at rest. This has 2 major outcomes:

  1. We get insight into your actual physical state and can compare this to an earlier time point. Is your training or diet showing some improvements and going in the right direction?
  2. We get detailed information about certain metabolic targets and can adjust your training or diet exactly to your body’s needs.


I want to get in shape and lose some body weight. How can you help me with that?

The loss of body weight can only be accomplished in a long term via a negative energy balance. This means you have to spend more energy than you take up (nutrition). But furthermore, what most people are aiming for is not only to reduce their weight but to maintain or even build up their active muscle mass. Our service helps with both.

With our resting metabolic analysis we assess your resting energy expenditure, which is the amount of energy your body needs every day, only to maintain its function. With the same analysis during your typical movement or exercise we can precisely determine how much energy you should give your body in certain life situations. There are formulas to estimate this number but recent studies showed, that these can deviate up to 40% from the real value!

Furthermore, during our analysis we get insights into your fat metabolism rate. This means we can measure how much fat your body burns at rest or during certain exercise intensities. With this, we can target this zone during your training in order to get an ideal fat burning stimulus.

Loosing weight is not only about energy expenditure, in most cases it’s more about the energy intake. Because we believe in a holistic approach, we offer nutrition coaching in order to teach the right eating habits and reach your goals!


I want to be better / faster / stronger. What do I have to do?

Definitely the most asked question. Our performance tests give the answer.

When you come to us, we first talk about your goals! With this, we define the so-called target state. In every sport discipline, optimum performance depends on many factors. It’s never just one single parameter that tells us the whole story, it’s always a set of multiple parameters.

Once we defined the limiting parameters for your sport or your target state we can analyze in detail which one of those factors you are already fulfilling and which you are lacking. Thus, we can point out your individual strengths and weaknesses in a profile. From here, we can precisely target certain goals in your training sessions in order to bring more balance into your profile (become an “allrounder”) or even make your strengths more powerful (become a “specialist”).

We give basic tips for training habits with every performance test and data analysis. If you want a training plan, that is completely tailored to your needs with an ongoing assistance, we also offer coaching programs.


I just want to do sport in order to be healthy and fit, why would I need a diagnostic?

Health, fitness and a better body feeling are the most given answers from our customers when we ask for their main motivation! Doing “healthy” sport is often understood as a low-intensity and very moderate exercise. We know better!

With our performance testings, you get detailed information how your body works during certain exercise modes and where specific metabolic targets are. We often get the feedback, that this knowledge helped our customers to gain new motivation! The fact of being sure that they were doing everything “right” helped them to simply “let go” and completely focus on their movement and training itself.

We tell you where ideal training intensities are and why! Knowing your energy expenditure also helps a lot to manage energy intake and understand your body’s daily needs. In combination with a healthy and balanced diet (which is made possible through our service as well) you’re on the best way to a healthy lifestyle.