Our Team

Raphael Jung


Raphael is an academically trained sports scientist and the founder of Diagnose Berlin. In the years prior he was active in sport science and metabolic research. In addition to various student projects in neurology and biomechanics, he led his own research project on skeleton muscle cells and their adaptive reactions to various training stimuli. During this time he completed internships at the finest institutions for performance diagnostics in Germany. Frequently disappointed by the lack of depth in the planning and execution of the procedures he found there, he went on to develop, in a meticulous effort, the services now offered by Diagnose Berlin.

Maxie Rathmann


Maxie is a studied sports scientist and actively competing in bike races. With this theoretical as well as practical background she is perfectly transferring the knowledge of our performance tests into practical training advice.

Paul Voss


Paul doesn’t need a big introduction. Having raced at the world’s highest level in professional cycling, he is surely equipped with a extraordinary practical expertise. In combination with our theoretical approach, he is just the perfect coach on our ambitious clients sides.

Dr. Verena Benz

Nutrition counseling

Verena is an academically trained nutritional scientist and earned her doctorate at the Institute for Pharmacology of the Charité Berlin. In her research, she studied the regulation of fat metabolism under various influences. In our team, she provides far more than simple nutrition counseling.  In addition to creating nutrition and diet plans, armed with her in-depth knowledge of human metabolic processes, she supports us in the analysis and interpretation of performance diagnostics results.

Jason Nurse


Jason has his background coming from years of educational personal training and focused specifically on daily nutrition and methods to develop individual goal-orientated diets.

We are a network of experts.

We don’t tell half-truths and make no false promises. In order to guarantee our clients a complete, holistic experience, we work hand-in-hand with experts in their respective fields, as required.


Charité Sportmedizin

Our clients benefit from the comprehensive medical support provided by the sports medicine department of the Charité Berlin.

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Hannes Klein

Personal Training at its best. Hannes understands and supports his clients with the highest level of service.

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EVOPE Sports

These experts are more than just fitness and Crossfit trainers. They see the big picture for holistic performance.


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Sportphysio Scharf

Robert Scharf and his expert team are our top partners for the physiotherapeutic treatment of our clients.

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Standert Bicycles

Fast and sophisticated road bikes from Berlin.


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EVOPE Nutrition

Complex, carefully crafted nutritional supplements Made in Berlin.

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