Individual services. No "one-fits-all".

Different individuals, different sports and different goals led us to personalized approaches. We put human interaction first and deal with each person’s circumstances and needs in order to develop functioning training and nutrition strategies.


We analyze your specific strengths and weaknesses.


We point out what it really tales to reach your goals.


We plan or implement your personally optimized strategy.

For ambitious competitors…

Higher, faster, longer… You want to perform better in competitions and races? Our analyses are the first step towards optimized training and performance. We’ll show you more efficient ways to train and help you unleash the full potential of your physical capacities.

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… healthy Fit fanatics…

We show you how to train smart and holistic to get fitter and healthier in an effective way. With our service, you will get a better understanding of your physical limits and learn how to give your body what he needs on a daily base.

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… or sportive weight watchers

We help you with your training and especially nutrition on your way to a healthier and optimized body shape. Our services will give you a scientifically based, long termed strategy in order to reach your individual goal.

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Don’t find yourself here?

No worries… our service portfolio is way more versatile! We already worked with soccer players, crossfit professionals, MMA athletes, ballet dancers and many others. We’re always ambitious and curios about new projects, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your request and ideas!

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