Sync Ergonomics P0.2 Cockpit Set


The complete set existing of:
–  15° angled wedges
–  Deep Grove Arm Cups
–  High Rise 3D Extensions

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Supporting the high-hands position, the Project 0.2 ecosystem is engineered to produce the most effective time trial positions, compliant with UCI regulations*, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.


Matching the trajectory of the forearm when a high-hands position is used, Arm Cup Wedges increase the contact patch at the forearm, improving comfort and stability. Ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled security from lateral forearm movement, Deep Groove Arm Cups maximise support for aero positioning across all disciplines. With a 3D bend profile featuring a 30-degree grip angle, High Rise 3D extensions provide both optimal height gain and hand placement, while maximising adjustment range.


Arm Cup Wedges mount in place of the original arm cups and require a fore-aft connection bolt arrangement (15-30 mm). Deep Groove arm cups are designed to work with our Arm Cup Wedges and are not designed for universal fitment as a stand-alone component.

M5: Giant Trinity, Cervelo P5, 3T Vola/Revo, Argon 18 E-119 and Electron Pro, Specialized Shiv TT, Boardman TTE, Factor Slick, TriRig Alpha, Ventum One, Vision Metron TFA

M6: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX, Profile Design Aeria Ultimate, Cube Aerium, Wilier Turbine, Cervelo P5X, ENVE SES, Scott Plasma 5 (TT brackets #242123), S-Works Shiv Tri Disc

* The UCI regulations are defining a maximum height gain of 100mm (center of pads to highest point of the extensions). Depending of the extension position and type of shifter plug, a shortening of the extensions may be necessary to fulfill these regulations!

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M5, M6