Sync Ergonomics Arm Cups


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We only sell this item as a standalone component in special occasions, since we really want to make sure that they are used in a beneficial way (contact us for further info). Deep Groove arm cups are designed to work with the Arm Cup Wedges and are not designed for universal fitment as a stand-alone component.

Supporting the high-hands position, the Project 0.2 ecosystem is engineered to produce the most effective time trial positions, compliant with UCI regulations, while offering comfort over full distance IRONMAN triathlon.


Ergonomically designed to provide unrivaled security from lateral forearm movement, Deep Groove Arm Cups maximise support for aero positioning across all disciplines.

Designed to be fit-friendly, Deep Groove arm cups feature a Velcro-backed removable pad and a large adjustment range, ensuring quick and effective positioning.


UCI compliant (1.3.023)

Cup length: 124 mm

Cup depth: 30.5 mm (inside)

Cup width: 88 mm (outside)

Cup mount connection: M5 x 30 mm

Fore-aft adjustment: 45 mm (15 mm increments)

Lateral adjustment: 20 mm per side (combination of cup & wedge to achieve adjustment)

Cup material: Injection molded, glass reinforced Nylon plastic cup

Pad type: Removable, Velcro connection

Pad material: Injection molded EVA foam pad (nude finish), variable thickness (9 mm base, 7 mm sides)

Weight: 160 g (set, inc pads)