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Note: This race form plan does not claim, neither tries to replace a proper individual guiding or coaching!! It’s a start-up help and we developed this as a small budget “better-then-nothing” version of our way to help people improving their training structures.

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Increase or sustain your race form in 3 months with our highly effective, scientific based race form training plan.


All you need is a powermeter (or smart trainer),  a Training Peaks Account and some weeks of time and motivation to improve!

In order to chose your matching training plan and calibrate all the sessions to your individual physiological profile, we highly recommend performing the DIY critical power performance test by Inscyd, which we use to onboard you into our plans!


How is this plan working?

The plan features a mix of race specific interval (perfect for indoor) and common basic endurance sessions. All sessions have been scientifically revised, as well as personally experienced and are perfectly brought together in this well-structured plan.

We have two versions of this plan:

For beginners (who are new to structured training and/or currently not in the best race shape) with 4-8 hrs / week.

For advanced riders (who are used to structured training and interval sessions and just want wo sustain or fine-tune their race shape) with 6-14 hrs / week.


How do we make this plan individually perfect?

Short answer: We can’t… (but we try our best).


In order to get this training plan “calibrated” and adjusted to your personal physiological profile, please consider booking our critical power test onboarding that will help you run through the different blocks.

1. Download these test instructions and perform the critical power test sessions

2. Send us back your data coming from those sessions

3. Get a complete physiologic performance profile report from Inscyd

4. Get a 30min video call in which we discuss the test results and walk you through your adjusted plan


What do we mean with race form?

Race form for us means a little bit of the kitchen sink. When it comes to training for road or cycling races, there are many skills being put to the test. Endurance in general, but also attacking, thresholds and quick recoveries, sprints, and many more…

For us, developing a good race shape means working on specific physiologic skills but also improving those in an race-specific context. This can mean something completely different for different riders, that’s why we kept this plan a little bit more as an “allrounder”, improving several skills at the same time.

If you are looking for something more specific we’d recommend going for our VO2max or VLamax training plan


How is this race training affecting your power?

You most likely wont’t get “better” in the sense of a higher VO2max or a reduced VLamax with this plan. That’s not our goal and usually requires a more focused approach. You will combine skills in a race-specific way so that you can perform better in race situations. It’s more about getting used to race efforts and develop your physiological all-round characteristics.

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