INSCYD DIY Power Performance Test


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How the INSCYD power performance test gets an inside view into your physiology Without going to a lab!


With the INSCYD power performance test we bring lab performance testing to the next level.


What’s the idea of the INSCYD performance test?

What is the best way to improve your power and performance on the bike?

Is it Sweet Spot training? High volumes of long slow distance? Perhaps polarised training?

The only correct answer is, it depends. You will only find out what is the best solution for you, when you understand the mechanisms of your power, and how it is completely determined by two fundamental physiological variables.


Test yourself at home (or outside) remotely with our INSCYD Power Performance Decoder Test

​No more guessing. Find out with confidence how you should be training to get the most out of your training time.


Here’s how it works:

1. Get our testing guidelines and perform the test

2. Send us back your data via file download or training peaks account

3. Get your full physiological report powered by Inscyd

4. Chose your perfect matching training plan and get onboarded with our program!


What is the INSCYD power performance test?

The INSCYD power performance decoder is a self-learning software that uses all kinds of provided values (power output numbers, lactate values, measured VO2max data, …) and sorts out your physiological profile.

By fitting the two main parameters VO2max and VLamax in an algorithmic plausible way, the INSCYD power performance decoder is also able to determine your physiologic profile fed with power numbers only.

With this we are able to get the results of a lab performance test, WITHOUT GOING TO A LAB!


How does the INSCYD power performance decoder test work?

With the INSCYD power performance test, you’ll be asked to perform several all-out efforts spread over a couple of sessions within a week. In order to get an estimate of your functional skills, the Inscyd power performance decoder establishes something like a critical power model, but more detailed.

Bringing functional data together with or without additional physiologic data (like lactate or VO2 values), makes it possible to decipher the physiological mechanisms behind those efforts.


How do I benefit from the INSCYD power performance decoder test?

The INSCYD power performance decoder takes you one level deeper. Instead of just looking at your personal bests and comparing power numbers coming from training sessions or races, you’ll learn WHY you are able to perform several efforts and fail at others.

Given this information, you’ll automatically understand HOW you can improve and from which training sessions you will benefit the most. Once you found out your physiological profile you can chose the right training plan for you and adjust your training zones precisely.


Why shouldn’t I just go with another FTP test?

The INSCYD power performance test is better than a simple FTP test, because you’ll get to know the physiologic patterns behind your power outputs. You will not just look at the power numbers, you will start to get behind them!

An FTP test tells you one thing and one thing only: Your maximum power outputs over 20 minutes. This is an interesting fact to know but why should a 1 min power or a 3 hour performance relate to this?

Well it doesn’t (or at least not to an amount that would justify linking training intensities to this concept)! But the worst thing about this simple test idea is, you don’t know precisely what happened. You can only tell about WHAT has changed (well and even that is hard to state, as we showed in our own study once) but not WHY. And you can’t improve what you don’t understand (well at least if you’re not super lucky)…